Thinking to sign up for NetSheet Calc.? Read our review to see if the portal meets the multitude of requirements of your title company or not.

Real Estate Closing is undergoing a digital transformation. Title companies are actively buying technology tools to digitize their process and make themselves self reliant when it comes to customer experience.

A lot of title companies are betting big on cost estimate tools to attract more leads and convert them to clients. If you are a title company looking to integrate a cost calculator into your site to capture leads, then you can look into NetSheet Calc. 

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In this post, we will take a deep dive into this tool and review its numerous customer facing features to see if it fits your requirement and become a reliable customer experience and lead generation tool. We will conclude the blog by comparing NetSheet Calc with Elko. 

Closing Estimates

4 types of closing estimates are commonly provided by title software companies. They can either be generated by logging into the title company website or using a floating widget. 

Title Quotes

NetSheet Calc allows users to generate title quotes. Visitors can click on the floating widget and fill in the details to generate title quotes for their desired property. 

One of the differentiating factors about title capture is that it allows you to generate estimates for more than one property and view them side by side to compare them easily. 

Net Sheet

NetSheet Calc provides seller net sheets to help sellers ascertain the amount they are expected to receive after the sale. 

Loan Estimate

You do not get to generate loan estimates with NetSheet Calc.

Closing Disclosure

NetSheet Calc does not allow you to generate a closing disclosure either. 

On the other hand, you get to integrate the NetSheet Calc floating widget on your site. The widget allows website visitors to quickly generate title quotes and convert them to order if they want so.  

Order Management

We have identified a total of 4 order management features prevalent among title software tools. These are order placement, order management, document management, and tasks. Unfortunately, order management is not the strongest point about title capture and you do not get many order management features here. 

Order Placement

The portal allows you to fill in the property address along with other order details about the mortgage such as type, sale price, and loan amount, and then send it as an order with the click of a button. Once the order is created, it shows under the order section. 

 Order Fulfillment:

Order fulfillment is an extension of the order management process wherein the order is mailed to the customer and tracked throughout its course. 


There is no option for you to track your order in the Title Capture system. The portal only helps you attract leads and convert them to orders. 


You do not get to see any fund disbursement status in Title Capture. 

Partner Productivity

Partner productivity is an important parameter leveraged by these companies to create value for the title companies and themselves. This is where Title Capture outshines the bigger players such as Softpro, Resware, and Qualia Connect.

4 major features can potentially influence your productivity. These are:

Saved Costs

An option for saved costs allows you to download or save the title quote. Title Capture allows you to save your title quotes in PDF files for reference and reuse. 

Co Branding

Title capture provides a couple of co branding features that allows title companies to get hosted on the title capture domain with their own logo and branding. 

Mobile Friendly

Mobile Friendliness has emerged as a key parameter across businesses and title insurance isn’t any different. Customers like to access the portal from their smartphones and expect it to work without glitches. Title Capture provides a complete mobile experience. 

Mobile App

Title Capture does not provide mobile apps to access information. This is one of the major disadvantages when compared to Elko or Qualia Connect who have their own mobile apps that allow you to keep track of orders on the go.

CRM Features

We have identified a total of 3 essential CRM features provided by title software providers.

Contact Management

The Title Capture portal also shows addresses, phone numbers, and primary contact information of the leads that have submitted an order. 

Activity Tracking

With Title Capture you can track the progress of each and every order that appears in the system. You can also view the contacts as a list and then click on one to view the complete status of the file. 


The Title Capture portal updates you using notifications about new orders.


Title Capture starts at $99/m with two more pricing options at $299/m and $699/m. By far, the 299 plan is the most popular among title companies. The company also offers a custom plan that provides features such as national rate calculator and other features for agency ops. 

Additionally, you can also include the website builder feature for $99/m that allows you to create mobile friendly websites easily. 

Title Capture is a Saas based application that frees you from the burden of costs that you would otherwise spend to acquire and maintain on premise infrastructure. However, a sum of $299 as a one time set up fee will be charged. 

Title Capture Alternatives

Title Capture is mostly an order generation tool that helps title companies attract leads and orders. That is why it makes sense to compare Title capture with Elko that shares a similar breadth of features. 


Elko and Title Capture are quite similar as both of them provide the floating widget and help title companies generate more orders. However, Title Capture provides more types of cost estimates than Elko. On the other hand, Elko is priced modestly at $249/m against $299/m of Title Capture. Additionally, the Elko system is reportedly more reliable that works almost every time.