Compare Netsheet Calc and Elko

Elko offers title and settlement agencies integrations with your settlement systems, generates loan estimate and closing disclosure, and also provides a mobile app compared to Netsheet Calc.

elko vs. net sheet calc

How is Elko different from Netsheet Calc?

Elko’s platform offers more integrations, customizability, and features than Netsheet Calc, making it a value for money platform.

Elko Netsheet Calc
Elko can sync your incoming orders and retrieve fees from many settlement systems including Qualia, Resware, RamQuest, TitleExpress and SoftPro automatically.
Elko does not charge any onboarding fee and more feature rich for its price.
$249 $149 + set up fee of $499
Elko follows industry-leading security practices including SOC-2 Compliance and ALTA Best Practices Pillar 3.
Multiple Offices and Fees
Elko does not charge you for additional offices and fee schedules.
Phone & Email Support
Elko's support team is reachable via phone and email offering a more responsive support facility.
Order Updates
Elko can automatically notify your customers whenever an order status change occurs in your settlement system.
Mobile App
Elko gives you a robust mobile app that allows a spectrum of features similar to its desktop version.
Loan Estimate and Closing Disclosure
Elko gives you the ability to generate both loan disclosures and closing estimates.
Customizable Fee Schedules
Elko allows you to define and customize fee schedules for different offices, states, and customers.
Developer API
Use Elko's developer API to extend or build on top of our powerful title and settlement data platform.


Both platforms offer basic features to help you provide instant closing costs estimates to your customers.

Elko Netsheet Calc
Instant Title Quotes
Elko's site widget allows you to provide instant title quotes to visitors to your website.
Co-Branded Net Sheets
Elko offers you the ability to create and share seller and buyer net sheets.
TRID Compliant Quotes
Elko's platform allows your lender partners to access Loan Estimate and Closing Disclosure quotes with both actual and disclosed rates.
Mobile Friendly
Elko's platform is fully mobile friendly allowing your staff and customers to put together title quotes and net sheets on the go.
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