SURVEY: How Title Companies are Using Net Sheets in the Digital Age

Net sheets provide customers with an anticipated closing amount to help them prepare better. However, reworking net sheets and resending them hampers the productivity of title companies to a great degree. In this survey, we aim to find out the magnitude of productivity loss and how digital net sheets can solve that.
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Background of the Survey

A significant number of title companies have employed digital net sheets for elevated customer experience to drive lead generation while making the process much easier to handle on their side. However, a large number of title agencies are yet to embrace this change.

These companies seem unaware that digital net sheets can make their lives much easier while supplying them with leads at the same time making them self reliant. This is when we decided to conduct a survey to numerically assess the implications of their old school practices when it comes to net sheets.

This survey features 156 title companies and a set of 9 questions that uncovers multiple aspects such as sharing, creating, redoing, ROI Tracking, pertaining to net sheets. We hope you find the insights useful and actionable for your business.

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