Thinking to sign up for CloseSimple? Read our review to see if the system can improve your customer experience and build a stronger brand name.

Title companies always look for newer mediums and tools to provide an elevated experience to their customers. Tools that enable digital closings, remote online notarization, generate closing estimates, are some examples that prove that title companies are trying everything to boost their business right now. 

One of the additions to this toolset is the ability to send automated text messages and emails to customers about the current status of their title order. One of the major players in this domain is Complismple integrates with popular title insurance platforms such as Resware, Softpro, Ramquest, etc. to send automated texts across multiple milestones of a title order from start to completion. 

We believe that CloseSimple could be an effective way to keep customers engaged and informed about their order status as texting have a 98% open rate.  In other words, texts make sure that messages reach the customers almost every time they are sent.

In this post, we will review all CloseSimple features and try to evaluate if the system could be effective to boost the client experience and worth the price tag. 

Major Features of CloseSimple include:

The CloseSimple system comes with multiple functionalities and features. One of the best things about the system is its seamless integration with the title generation platforms. As a customer, you need not configure the system or send the messages by yourself.

The text messages and emails are automatically sent from the CloseSimple system when the order file moves in the system (Ramquest, Resware, Softpro, etc.) through milestones.

Custom Texts and Emails

The CloseSimple system allows you to configure custom Emails and texts for all parties involved in the transaction and stages of the closing process. Doesn’t matter if you are sending a message to the listing agent or the lender, the system makes sure that the messages are sent each time an event occurs to the right recipient.

You can configure the closing process within 5-6 steps and then configure the messages you intend to send. 

Two Way Texting for all Platforms

Closesimple allows the title company to exchange back and forth texts between them and their customers. 

Automatic or Manual Texts and Emails

The CloseSimple system also allows title companies to set manual triggers for texts and Emails across multiple steps of the closing timeline. 

Thank You Email with multimedia content

You can send you clients a thank you email with CloseSimple. Additionally, you can also include embedded videos within the email to give a more detailed overview of the title company to your clients.  

Number and Email Anonymity

The CloseSimple system allows title companies to send text messages by keeping their personal number anonymous. The system masks all personal or work Emails ids to protect privacy of your employees.

Earn Google Reviews

One of the unique features provided by CloseSimple is its ability to aggregate Google reviews for title companies. Once the closing process is complete, the CloseSimple system sends an Email to the client in order to rate the title company on Google. The link directly navigates to the Google review page allowing customers to rate the company instantly. 

CloseSimple also prompts customers to put reviews at Yelp and other review websites to create a favorable online impression. 

Sending Documents

Title companies can send documents to their clients using the CloseSimple system. All the documents uploaded into Ramquest, Sotfpro, Resware, and Greenfolder can be accessed using CloseSimple and sent to customers without any hassle. The title closing process is marked by frequent exchange of documents, making this feature a useful one. 

Outlook Integration

CloseSimple features an outlook integration for all the 4 systems. Title companies can easily allow all their emails to be archived and stored in Outlook. Managing Emails is always easier with outlook making this integration valuable to title companies. 


CloseSimple comes with a two tier pricing plan. They are called CloseSimple and one way texting and CloseSimple and two way texting. The first one allows the title companies to send text messages to customers and other parties but does not allow the customers to send replies. On the other hand, the two way plan allows the parties to reply to messages and drive a conversation. 

The starter plan for up to 50 leads starts at $295/mo for one way texting plan and $334/mo for the two way texting plan. Additionally, Ramquest, Softpro, and Greenfolders are charged $1495 as a setup fee while Resware customers are charged a setup fee of $2495 to get started. 

Closesimple is a unique and valuable augmentation on top of the multitude of digital tools built for title insurance. Since the closing process is a progression of events, milestone based texting could be highly useful in providing a great closing experuence to title customers.