Branded Seller Net Sheet Calculator

Allow your real estate partners to incorporate your title and settlement fees and compute detailed branded seller net sheets for their clients

Title and Settlement Fees

Elko’s Seller Net Sheet Calculator automatically computes the seller’s share of all title and settlement fees associated with the transaction including:

  • Title Insurance Premiums
  • Escrow and Closing Fees
  • Other Settlement Fees

Recording and Transfer Fees

Seller's share of state, county, and city real property transfer taxes and county deed recording fees are automatically computed based on the property address.

Real Estate Commissions

Easily enter both buyer and listing real estate broker commissions as a percentage or fixed-fee and add on any other negotatiated real estate fees.

Mortgage and Lien Payoffs

Quickly input payoff amounts for all liens on the property including mortgage and home equity lines of credit balances.

Property Tax and Dues Prorations

Elko's branded calculcator automatically computes complicated prorations like Property Taxes and Homeowners Association dues based on the transaction closing date.

Seller Credits

Negotiated seller credits or expenses for a transaction can also be easily input into the calculator to reflect the accurate seller net amount.
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