Are you planning to step into digital closings? Read our review of Qualia Connect to know how it may help you in your digital strategy.

With digital closings becoming mainstream in current times, title companies have more tools than ever to digitize the entire process of home closing that also includes attracting potential clients from digital channels. One of the front runners enabling this transformation is Qualia Connect. 

Qualia Connect enables title companies to monitor current title orders, transfer deed, and attract online leads too. Being able to attract leads makes Qulia Connect exclusive to many title companies. Title companies mostly depend on lenders and realtors for leads, but a lot of these companies now subscribing to tools like Qualia connect to become self reliant. 

Table of Contents

In this post, we will give you a brief overview of the major features along with the pros and cons of the platform. We will also brisk through thor mobile app and pricing plans. So without further ado, let’s get started. 

Fee Quoting

The fee quoting feature of Qualia Connect is a web based widget that allows visitors to generate free title quotes and send them as orders if needed so. The widget has 3 crucial features. These are:

Fee Quote Generator. Allows your users to fill in the property address, amount of loan, and type of loan to generate estimated closing costs.

Send Order. The send order feature allows you to convert the visitors into leads. A visitor, who has generated a quote using the widget can send that quotation as an order to the title company with a few clicks

Edit Details. The widget allows the visitors to edit details of their previous order without any hassle. 

Being able to edit details is essential for potential clients. A buyer may have 2-3 properties in mind and would possibly want estimated closing costs for all the parties. In fact, Elko also allows its users to edit order details and generate new quotes by changing the details.

The Closing Portal

The closing portal is the most crucial part of Qualia Connect which is solely responsible to enable the process of remote online notarization. The closing portal does this by eliminating the need for in person meetings and facilitating collaboration. 

Electronic Signatures. The closing portal has an inbuilt electronic signature tool to capture and aggregate eSignatures from the concerned parties, making it safe in the current times.

Additionally, eSignatures allows title companies to be transparent to their clients by providing easy retrieval of their documents from the eVault.

Scheduler. The scheduler helps your team members create client appointments, meetings, or other events with a few clicks. The respective team conducting an event can set the visibility of an event.

Additionally, you can keep yourself informed about the activities of other members of the team. 

Mutual Calendar. Team members share events created or scheduled within the calendar. The calendar helps your team members remain on the same page and stick to predefined goals. 

Client Experience. You can invite your clients within the Qualia Connect the portal to keep them updated about the status of their order. 

Video Chat. Qualia Connect allows you to conduct video calls wherein you can bring all parties together to further the closing process. The video chat feature is essential to perform remote online notarization or RON, where all the concerned parties meet online at the same time to express their consent. 

Order Processing and Management

It is essential for your team to be able to monitor orders and take actions as and when necessary. Order processing features gives your team the ability to oversee the status of orders and push them towards completion by spontaneous communication. 

Qualia Connect grants you a set of tools to collaborate 24x7, allowing your team to come onboard for specific tasks and much more. Some of the major features include: 

Communication. Your team can mutually communicate over video chat to process orders and push them to completion.

Onboarding eMail. Qualia connect allows you to send automated templated intro emails to respective parties to bring them on board, helping them collaborate right from the start. 

Progress Tracker. The progress tracker allows your team to track the progress of orders created in the system and take action. 

Document Storage. Qualia Connect allows you to store the closing documents digitally within the system. Document storage is akin to record keeping by title companies and attorneys in the hard format. All electronically signed documents are kept in an eVault for all parties to access them when they need, as mandated by the ESIGN and UETA.  

Mobile Apps

Qualia Connect is available for both iOS and Android devices. All major features of the web app are reproduced on the mobile apps as well. However, the app is more focused on monitoring title orders for team members who are always on the go.

Some notable features include:

  • The app allows participants to track the order status for all the orders in the system.
  • Provides notifications for order status. 
  • Multiple report formats allow you to dig further into orders and overall performance of the team. 

Pros and Cons


  • Digital Closings powered by Qualia Connect is far safer than conventional closings in the current times. 
  • Provides transparency across the entire closing process 
  • Saves costs otherwise incurred in rectifying mistakes or printing.
  • Digital Closings are looking to take over in the future, which makes it future proof. 


  • You must get an invitation to use the software.
  • There is a significant learning curve that you and your team must overcome.


Qualia has not provided any details about pricing on their website. However, some users have quoted a $300/mo price tag for the service.

Irrespective of your team size, Qualia Connect can boost your business by a large degree. So if you are planning to embrace the digital closing workflow finally for your customers, Qualia Connect is a promising choice.