Thinking to sign up for Softpro? Read our review to see if the portal meets the multitude of requirements of your title company or not.

The title industry is undergoing a massive and unprecedented digital transformation right now. Newer ways to close real estate deals with the help of digital closings and digital customer acquisition are being tested and implemented by numerous title companies. And one of the leading tools making this transformation happen is Softpro. 

Softpro is one of the leading title and closing software suite that allows title companies and lenders to collaborate online to manage documents, electronic signatures, acquire customers, and overall streamline the home closing process. 

Table of Contents

In this post, we will take you through a detailed list of customer facing features provided by Softpro and compare it against some new age title and closing tools, available under monthly subscription plans. 

Let’s begin with our first parameter, the closing estimates. 

Closing Estimates

Closing Estimates are a great way to engage title customers. Free closing estimates allow website visitors to calculate tentative closing costs while giving their contact information in the process.  

Title Quotes

The Softpro system allows you to generate title quotes. Visitors can also convert the quote into an order allowing the title company to generate orders online. 

Unfortunately, the Softpro system does not provide any floating widget for your website. Unlike modern tools such as Elko, the Softpro system feels old school and lays its focus primarily on digitizing the closing process. 

Order Management

We have identified a total of 4 order management features that are pivotal to any title company. These are order placement, order management, document management, and tasks. Order management features in Softpro are comprehensive. In fact, Softpro and Resware compete with each other mainly on the order management features. 

Order Placement

The Softpro portal allows you to put property address along with mortgage type, sale price, and loan amount, etc. The order shows under a separate section once created. 

Order Update

Your customers can go back anytime in the system and update the order details. 

Document Management 

Softpro provides a list of comprehensive document management features that allows you to save, print, and distribute documents such as invoices, payment information letter, settlement statements, etc. 

Order Fulfillment

Order fulfillment is an extension of the order management process wherein the order is mailed to the customer and tracked throughout its course to completion. Softpro provides order fulfillment services as a part of the order management workflow allowing you to monitor all orders in your system.


Softpro shows the funding disbursement status of the funds with the Lender’s name, the mortgage amount, price breakup, and the name of the seller. It also shows the method of payment and additional documents required for validation. 

Partner Productivity

Title companies leverage partner productivity to create value for their brand. There aren’t many partner productivity features provided by Softpro. However, the company does provide you with a dedicated app for Softpro events and order management to manage things on the go. 

CRM Features

We have identified 3 essential CRM features provided by title software providers.

Contact Management

Contact Management includes addresses, phone numbers, and primary contact information of the leads that have submitted an order. Sofpro provides a number of these contact management features. 


The Softpro portal sends notifications to keep you updated on the order status. 


According to some sources, the Softpro subscription comes at $150/mo for a single user. Overall, Softpro is priced at a lower price bracket when compared to other tools such as Resware or Title Capture. 

However, you must pay a one time set up cost of $399 to get started. 

Softpro Alternatives

Softpro is a comprehensive tool that directly completes with systems such as Resware. Both are focused on digitizing the closing process while giving minimal features to attract online leads. However, when modern systems are considered, you may compare Softpro with Qualia Connect and Elko


Elko is a sleek and modern SaaS based system that comes with a lot of customer centric features that are not found within the Softpro system. Elko also provides a depth of features when it comes to partner productivity, something that is lacking in the Softpro system.  Additionally, customers can easily cancel an Elko subscription anytime due to the fact that it is hosted on the cloud. While Softpro also has its own cloud hosted plan, it is sold as an exclusive plan.