Compare Elko and TitleClinch

Elko offers title and settlement agencies integrations with your settlement systems, client communication features, and more customizability than TitleClinch does.

Compare TitleClinch and Elko


Elko’s platform offers more integrations and customizability than TitleClinch does, making it easy to fit right into your business.

Elko TitleClinch
Order Sync
Elko can automatically sync your incoming orders into your settlement system of choice. TitleClinch does not offer this feature.
Branded Portal
Elko offers the ability to provide a fully branded closing estimate portal to your clients to allow them to create co-branded net sheets, title quotes, orders, and much more.
Order Updates
Elko can automatically notify your customers whenever an order status change occurs in your settlement system.
Custom Fee Schedules
Elko allows you to define custom fee schedules for different offices and customers. TitleClinch does not offer this feature.
Elko follows industry-leading security practices including SOC-2 Compliance and ALTA Best Practices Pillar 3. TitleClinch follows ALTA Best Practices, but is not SOC-2 compliant.


Both platforms offer basic features to help you provide instant title and settlement quotes to your customers.

Elko TitleClinch
Instant Title Quotes
Elko's site widget allows you to provide instant title quotes to visitors to your website.
Fee Schedules
Elko offers you the ability to upload your fee schedules used for calculating accurate title quotes and estimates.
Underwriter Support
Elko can work with all major national and regional title underwriters to calculate accurate title insurance policy premiums.
Mobile Friendly
Elko's platform is fully mobile friendly allowing your staff and customers to put together title quotes and net sheets on the go.
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