Researching TitleCapture to use for your title or settlement agency? Read our review to learn more about their platform features, pricing, drawbacks, and alternatives to evaluate whether its a fit for your business.

Giving that digitization of the closing process, or as it has commonly come to be known as, eClosing, has become an important priority for many title and settlement professionals. Consequently, the title industry is seeing the development of numerous systems for electronic signature, remote online notarization, and closing cost estimate generators that help title companies acquire new customers and build customer loyalty. 

So not only do these tools help title companies digitize the process, but also allow them to offer a significantly better service experience to their customers. TitleCapture helps title agencies provides instant title quotes and closing estimates via an online branded portal.

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Closing Estimate Types

There are three types of closing estimates commonly put together by title and settlement agencies: Title Quotes, Net Sheets, and LE/Closing Disclosure Quotes. TitleCapture's platform let you and your customers easily create all three of these estimate types. However, their site widget allows your customers to only put together title quotes, the more advanced calculators require the customer to create an account on their branded portal.

Title Quotes

Title quotes allow your customers to get a quick preview of what the title and, in most cases, settlement fees will cost for an order. TitleCapture requires the user to fill out the property address, transaction type, sale price, and loan amount (if applicable) to compute an instant title quote.

Buyer and Seller Net Sheets

Net sheets allow your customers to see how much money a buyer needs to put down for closing costs or what a seller may make after closing costs are deducted. TitleCapture's platform lets you compute branded buyer and seller net sheets with a sufficient level of detail to satisfy most needs.

Loan Estimate and Closing Disclosure Quotes

Loan Estimate and Closing Disclosure quotes provide your lender customers with a more detailed breakdown of your settlement fees organized into sections to mirror a Loan Estimate or a Closing Disclosure. TitleCapture's platform allows your customers to quickly calculate Loan Estimate and Closing Disclosure quotes to pre-populate appropriate borrower documents in advance.

TitleCapture Site Widget

TitleCapture provides features a floating site widget to help you engage website visitors by providing them with instant title quotes and the ability to save, share, or email them. In addition, their widget allows your visitors to sign up for you branded portal to unlock more detailed closing estimates.

However, as far as we understand, they do not allow your customers to create and place their own site widgets onto their own websites to provide prospective buyers, sellers, and borrowers with closing quotes. Although, that feature is available for an added cost to your customers via their Net Sheet product.

Order Features

TitleCapture allows your customers, once they've signed up on your portal, to also place title and settlement orders directly from a closing estimate. Customers can fill out basic order information and attach relevant files to get the process started. However, orders don't sync directly into your settlement system nor are they exportable into a standardized format.

Partner Productivity Features

Partner productivity is an important parameter that is leveraged by title companies to provide better service. TitleCapture offers a few features to help incentivize your partners to use their platform:

Saved CostsAn option for saved costs allows you to re-use common costs across net sheets and closing estimates like lender origination costs, real estate commissions, etc.

Co-Branding. TitleCapture provides a couple of co-branding features that allows your customers to co-brand your closing estimates with their name, logo, and information for a glossier and more professional look.

Mobile Friendly. Customers who want to access title quotes and closing estimates on their phones can do so with the TitleCapture platform. 

Staff Productivity Features

Staff productivity is an equally important dimension to consider when evaluating software products for your title or settlement agency. TitleCapture provides the following features to help your staff stay productive:

Contact Management. The TitleCapture portal shows addresses, phone numbers, and contact information for leads who have signed up for your portal. 

Activity Tracking. With TitleCapture, you can track the activity of each and every lead that has signed up with your portal.

Notifications. The TitleCapture portal updates you using email notifications about important events performed by leads such as new orders, new signups etc.

TitleCapture Pricing

TitleCapture's Engaged plan is priced at $299/mo with a one-time setup fee of $299. Additional fee schedules and offices are available for an added $125/mo and $25/mo per incremental unit respectively. Their Enterprise plan is listed at $699/mo with a similar one-time setup fee.

TitleCapture also offers a Custom plan that provides features suited for larger title agencies and title insurance underwriters. Additionally, TitleCapture also offers a website builder feature for $99/mo that allows you to create mobile friendly title agency websites easily.

TitleCapture Alternatives

There are several alternatives in the market to TitleCapture. The two most popular ones are TitleClinch and, yours truly, Elko. Both platforms are competitively priced to TitleCapture and provide a strong feature set to serve as powerful alternatives.

If you are considering either platform, we put together an easy to read side-by-side comparison between TitleClinch and Elko, and also another comparison between TitleCapture and Elko.

Alternatively, if you are trying to keep it easy on the budget, you can use a calculator provided by your underwriter such as the First American Comprehensive Calculator, Fidelity National Rate Calculator, or the Stewart Rate Calculator. Underwriter-provided calculators generally lack in terms of usability and customization features, but provide your customers with an ability to get a closing estimate quote.